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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Twins Team Up to Rip Off A Home Remodeler

Well Mike Osborn and Aniko Kaye, co-publishers of, which they have already admitted was purely designed to try and get even with me, have done it again.  Together with their faithful dog "Spot" aka Shanney Gallegos-Osborn (Mike's wife), these modern day Bonnie and Clyde knock-offs have ripped off Planet Home Remodeling Corp., a trusted Los Angeles area business for over 20 years, for $16,800 in services.

A criminal complaint has been filed with the Los Angeles Police Department and we expect the cops to com-a-callin' on the Osborns and Kaye at any time.

Here's the lowdown on the scheme:

"I'm going to get you my pretty
 and your dog Toto too."
On December 1, 2011, Mike contacts Planet Home and informs them that he wants "his" house repainted inside and out.  The house he was referring to was then owned by Aniko, who is no novice when it comes to swindling people, and located at 4219 Benedict Canyon Rod, Sherman Oaks, CA, but foreclosed on this past February.  Incidentally, the bank that foreclosed has reported that the Osborns performed enough shenanigans to continue living there to this day, but they are expected to vacate within a couple of weeks.  Why these clowns decided to get the house painted, when they knew that foreclosure was imminent, is beyond me.  Apparently, they get a kick out of ripping off service providers.

Incidentally, hey Mike, don't forget that you are required by the court to provide me with your new home address.

"I can turn your money into
a small fortune,  provided
that you give me a large
fortune to start with."
So Planet Home goes over to the house and visits with Mike and Shanney and they claim that not only do they own that house, but the one next door as well.  They also tell the Planet Home representatives that Mike is a major stock trader with millions of dollars worth of accounts all located with New York brokerage firms. They also claim to own millions of dollars in properties in New York.  Here's the best part: Mike claimed to be working with Cuba Beverage Company, a company that those who follow my escapades, know has a history with me.

Mike and Shanney sign a contract with Planet Home who foolishly buy into Mike's story that he doesn't use checks, but that he will have the money wired to them (sound familiar anyone?).  Of course that money never comes and still hasn't to this day.  What does come is the day to day excuses that those who have suffered the Osborn experience can recite from memory.

The Osborns also inform Planet Home that they wish to convert the guest house into a rec room for the kids. Planet Home discovers that the guest house was illegally built, without building permits, something that Aniko is famous for doing.

"Invest your money
with Mike so he can
buy my love with all
kinds of  presents.
Tee hee!"
Several days into the project, Planet Home still hasn't received their deposit money, so a representative stops by the house, where Mike gives his famous song and dance to the tune of "the bank and lawyers must have screwed up".  He acts out a phone call in front of the Planet Home representative in order to provide some comfort and then changes the subject by dangling a carrot.  Mike and Shanney inform the rep that they plan on buying the home for sale up the street and they would like Planet Home to do the remodeling.  They also send the company on wild goose chases to check out several homes in Sherman Oaks and Beverly Hills. Later, the Osborn tell the Planet Home reps that they no longer have an interest in the home up the street because the sellers are asking too much. Now they want Planet Home to draw up blue prints for a new home on vacate land in Sherman Oaks that they will buy.  Unfortunately, Planet Home falls for the Osborn's convincing shtick hook line and sinker.

To the credit of the Planet Home rep, he did have his antennae up enough to realize that he needed to turn down the offer to invest his money with Mike.

Interestingly, the Osborns also wanted a Panic Room included in their new home as they "fear for their safety". Yeah, no shit.  I wonder how many times Mike has ripped off the wrong guy.

With the project at 4219 Benedict Canyon well completed and with no money having been paid to Planet Home, the representative showed up at the front door looking for payment.  Mike yelled at the representative and reportedly appeared physically threatening.  I find this surprising, since Mike doesn't look like he could pull the wings off a fly.  The representative reported that Michael has at one time or another appeared to be hyped up or high, something I also reported when I saw Mike at his first court appearance after being released from prison. Perhaps Mike has found a drug that gives him some guts.  Too bad he hasn't found something that turns him into a man.  Anyway, Mike had the temerity to threaten litigation against Planet Home for having the nerve to show up at his front door to demand payment for services rendered.

This is not the first time we've seen Mike send out hopeful service providers on wild goose chases built on the presentation of Mike as a world beater.  Back in 2009, I reported on one attempt Mike and Shanney made to swindle a house out of a Beverly Hills real estate broker.  About the same time, they retained Vize Property Group and sent them on a wild goose chase on a $10 million dollar Manhattan condo.

Mike's real problem is that with his criminal past, a new charge of fraud is not going to serve him well come sentencing time.

And then there's the ongoing federal investigation into his dealings with fellow con man Corey Engelen among others.  More about that later, but in the meantime, does anybody know how to spell "grand jury"?

Side note:  Shame on the few of you who believe the crap this crook says about me. Always consider your source.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Aniko's Pal & Co-Conspirator Sentenced to Nine Months House Arrest in Credit Card Scam

Maria Gabriela "Gabby" Hashemipour, a Beverly Hills beauty salon owner and Aniko Kaye's good buddy, was sentenced today to five years probation, including nine months in house arrest, for fraudulent charging the credit cards of clients Liv Tyler, Jennifer Aniston, Cher amongst other stars. Hashemipour who changed her name from Maria Perez folowing her arrest in the case, is the owner of Chez Gabriela and ran up more than $300,000 in fraudulent charges.

Hashemipour, 51, pleaded guilty in January in Los Angeles federal court to one count of access device fraud following a Facebook campaign proclaiming her innocence.

"I'm extremely sorry for what I have done," Hashemipour told U.S. District Judge Manuel L. Real before her sentence was imposed.

Although prosecutors had asked for 2 1/2 years in prison, the judge sentenced her to probation due to the purported state of her health and to allow her to continue working to repay those she stole from.

In addition to probation and house arrest, Hashemipour was ordered to complete 3,000 hours of community service. A hearing was set for Oct. 17 to determine how much restitution Hashemipour must pay.

Hashemipour was arrested last August at Chez Gabriela Studio by special agents with the U.S. Secret Service.

According to documents Liv Tyler had $214,655 in unauthorized charges placed on her American Express card by Hashemipour during 2009. After realizing the theft, Tyler sent an email to jewelry designer Loree Rodkin, a fellow victim to the tune of $68,000, telling her that Hashemipour "stole a lot of money from me," the memorandum states. Tyler wrote that the rip-off was "completely bonkers" and "very shocking and sad to me since I had been seeing her since I was 18."

Most of the charges were made from Chez Gabriela Studio when the numbers from the credit card were both "skimmed" electronically and entered manually.

Other celebrities stated that in addition to charges for actual services at the studio, unauthorized charges from the studio would appear on their credit cards.

Other victims of the scheme include Anne Hathaway, Melanie Griffith, Penelope Cruz and actor Scott Speedman.

This is not Hashemipour's first dance with the law. She has also been arrested for shoplifting and bad-check writing. She also has seven judgments and liens against her and her property.

Hashemipour has also been providing aid and comfort to Aniko's illegal ways. As previously written in this blog, Aniko has been hiding her beloved Mercedes from the bankruptcy trustee and committed one of many instances of bankruptcy fraud when testifying under oath that the car has been signed over to her friend Eric Guefen. In actuality, she has been hiding the car at Hashemipour's home and Maria has been seen driving the car all over town. Photographic evidence has the car parked at Gabby's La Peer Drive address for several weeks at a time.